“EMSI’s team is great. They’ve been enthusiastic, committed, welcoming to all suggestions and responsive each and every time we connect. It’s a delight working with EMSI!”

Michael E. Gerber, Co-Founder, Chairman – Michael E. Gerber Companies™

  • We are a pioneer in pay-for-performance fees, which means your quality media coverage is GUARANTEED.


  • We have more than two decades of experience creating custom pitches and news stories for our clients, securing them top-tier media interviews and appearances.


  • Our team of veteran journalists and talk show hosts gives us a unique advantage as a PR agency. Having been on the other side, we know what the media wants and how to develop the strategies that guarantee your publicity.


Meet Marsha Friedman
Marsha Friedman is a 24-year PR veteran and CEO of EMSI Public Relations, a national firm that provides PR strategy and publicity services to corporations, experts, authors and professional firms..


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“The most remarkable thing about my experience with EMSI, other than their incredible professionalism, was how much my partners and I feel we accomplished on a relatively small budget.”
Primecom Interactive, Howard Leventhal, CEO